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The number of people using public transit continues to rise at incredible rates, specifically in population-dense communities.

In order to provide optimal service and security to all passengers, transit authorities need to establish an infrastructure that is flexible for easily upgrading and updating systems and allows seamless integration with other devices. A truly successful transit solution needs to adapt and scale as the transit environment continues to grow.

New Electric provides turn-key electrical installation services and support to transportation agencies and installations to create and maintain a reliable and secure environment for passengers.


Prior to installation, we prepare, inspect and certify equipment on-site or at New Electric’s CSA/UL approved Panel Shop.

New Electric knows the intricacies of Intelligent Transportation Systems, which can often be confusing to a contractor who is not experienced in this type of technology. Our Industrial Electricians will assemble, program and set up machines for testing ahead of time, in order to expedite the installation process.


We appreciate the importance of precise project timelines, which is why New Electric provides 24/7 availability, ensuring that installations are available at intervals which suit the usage of your facility.

Whatever your requirements, we guarantee that your complete equipment installation complies with all relevant legislation.

New Electric has first hand experience installing and implementing the following equipment directly on vehicles and throughout stations:

  • Fare collection
    • Cashless pay systems
    • Ticketing/Fare Dispensing Machines
    • Automatic Fare Collection Systems
    • Self-Serve Card Reload Machines
  • Integrated access control and security
    • Weigh-in-motion devices
    • RFID Systems
    • Machine vision
    • GPS tracking


Fast-paced transit systems are focused on keeping everyone safe and running on schedule.

一旦你的项目是完全commissioned, proper maintenance is required to ensure continued station and platform safety.

New Electric’s expansive team of Project Managers, Industrial Electricians and Electronic Repair Technicians are prepared to handle major and minor repairs on a daily basis to keep your systems running 24/7, providing passengers with a secure transit environment in stations and on vehicle.

New Electric understands the critical demands of large scale, intelligent transportation systems. We will work around tight production schedules, adhere to strict regulations and ensure safe and secure conditions on all work sites, in order to guarantee the successful implementation of your operations and processes.

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